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At Prime cargo International, we focus on building and nurturing the relationship with you. Because it is all about reliability – when time and cost are inseparable, our customers can depend on us to make the right decisions to deliver their goods efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.


For our busy clients, Prime cargo International is well-established, experienced and preferred logistics service provider that has all innovative solutions to empower their global supply chain. Be it a small enterprise, a large conglomerate or private agency, Prime Cargo International is a premium service partner with a worldwide members in more than 365 countries of professional skills in engineering, project handling, project management, customer services, IT, custom brokerage, warehousing and transportation to really move your business. Yet, we are an independent establishment whose first priority is to benefit the customer. Hence we are not bound solely to any alliance or trade partnership – instead, we work closely with various partners to provide a solution best suited for every business need. "The process is hardly straightforward. So it's vital to understand your business inside out, unravel the delays and succeed in achieving complete synergy".



Many key trading destinations worldwide are served regularly by Prime Cargo International and  Here is a very brief list. If your intended city is not listed call 111-531-531.


We have offices in 7 major trading cities in Pakistan. Well trained and highly qualified staff are available at all of them to talk to you and understand your specific shipping needs. More

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As our customer increasingly looks beyond their shores for sourcing opportunities, they can rely on us for outstanding supply chain management. We have a strong suite of origin & destination services with an established presence in key commercial locations, especially in Asia, Europe, USA & Canada in 365 countries for a formidable connectivity advantages that we are leverage upon. Prime cargo International operates with more 6 offices in Pakistan & more than 500 associate partners around the globe with strong team of experienced professional. We have an extensive association of partners and alliances in all major commercial locations around the Globe, which enhances our management of domestic & international transportation and distribution around the globe.


As our client, expect only the best of customized and innovative solutions throughout the whole process of sourcing and supply – from start to end. We have professionals in logistics, process analysis, planning and project management to make your business move smoothly and quickly to the next level. In addition we are constantly creating better services that not only ride confidently on our business connectivity, they also serve to keep in step with the ever changing trends of supply and sourcing. A good example is our Ocean & Air guaranteed service – an industry first – theta is a time definite service. Further, s a TOP ranked organization amongst other companies of Pakistan our services texture and operational excellence are crucial in our line of work. We boast a distinctive Service Integrity team that supervises our operational performance. The several self-auditing features integrated within our processes to promote the healthy progress of our key performance indicators in all our solutions and services


Product replenishment and turnaround time demands are crucial down to the hour for the retail industry, we develop all-rounded solutions for superior visibility and inventory management that provide account-ability, accuracy, scalability and economies of scale across fragmented sourcing networks especially in Asia, Europe, USA & Canada


Different Industries require different skills and expertise to address their needs. With years of partnership with Fortune 200 companies engaged in commercial trading, apparel and retail s well as high quality products. Prime cargo International continues to establish industry-specific best practices for proving logistic solutions.


In a move aimed at expanding operational flexibility in the Afghan Transit Trade business and to gain market share in the northern parts of Pakistan, Prime Cargo International launched there in office in Peshawar 2009. The move will bring the total number of offices in the country to 6 which include Sialkot, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad Islamabad & Peshawar. The new offices will share the same IT The Managing Partner Mr. Tariq Hussain feels very confident & proud that this expansion will mark a new era of growth for us. Prime cargo International was established 20 years ago and is one of the leading logistics providers in the country with sea, air and land based cargo facilities.


Dear GLN Parnters , Your belief in our ability to provide you the unique services has helped us to achieve the Best GLN Partner in Indian Sub-continent for the year 2010. This achievement provides us an edge in serving you with more spirit, professionalism and dedication. It could not have been done without support for which, we are highly grateful. May you have any inquiry for the shipments to or from Pakistan, please feel free to contact us on info@primecargo.biz


PRIMECARGO INTERNATIONAL became the member of NVO Alliance in July 2008 to further enhance there members list to cover maximum part of the globe for strengthening its business and securing countries to route maximum through us.

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